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My Legacy...(continuing)

i try and use my art (whether my paintings,  my music; my signs; WHATEVER medium i am using) to reach a part of a persons soul that the spoken word cannot. 

To be able to communicate my faith, my passions, even my demons in the night through my art is truly a blessing. 

i am honoured and  yet challenged  to make that message as clear and real for the viewer (or listener) as i humanly can.   i get frustrated at my talents, but  the saving grace is in knowing there is a higher vision here, and i am just a tool.   i hope that through my art you may see something that touches your heart and stirs your mind to something greater than you or me!

i started painting in my late teens and stopped just as quickly when i married in my mid twentys. After a dviorce, i have had the blessing of raising a wonderful son as a single parent!  A vast majority of my paintings from before all this drama in my life, i destroyed in one big act of castrating myself from the past.  

My painting rebirthed itself after moving to Los Angeles in 2010.  The relative fury to which i am now trying to paint is fueled by time being an earnest laborer and also by a confidence in knowing that at some level, my paintings will reach out to you in ways the spoken word cannot.







My Contact Information

link: www.x-tianart.00go.com